So. I’m Blogging. You Asked For It

Bloggers and blogging.

I’ve always respected people who have started and maintained a blog, but just never been one of those things I thought I would try out on my own.  However, in the last few months, it’s come up several times in discussion that there are a few things about the day to day ins and outs of life that me and some of my friends simply want to try to change…the main thing being the “ick” vibe that exists between women and girls…everywhere.

I’m starting this blog as partially a personal space to share stories and issues I myself want to bring up (and for my mom), but to also use it as a common space for others to post things they feel should exist.  Issues about motherhood, romantic relationships, dating, friendship, the occasional dysfunction of our lady brains, and so on and so on.  I want this to be a collection of ideas from ANYONE who has a pro-woman message…So I may be asking quite a few of you to help me out.  Also, you don’t have to be a woman to want to write something…you simply have to like the company women.  That will disqualify quite a few girls and guys straight away.

So…let’s see how this goes.  The first posts are about issues that have come up in discussions with friends: the inexplicable jealousy and insecurity many women feel around other woman, and the completely mental competition and pressure that seems to exist for moms today.  As a non-mom…it’s really hard to watch how even as mothers, women just don’t give themselves (or others) a break.  I mean, seriously…raising children “correctly” seems to have devolved into a competitive contact sport.

Watch this space for my very first hopefully not offensive, moderately entertaining posts aptly titled:

Why “Being One of the Boys” Is Epic Bullshit

A Non-Mom’s Guide to Raising Your Kids 

Because I know how to do it right

Because let’s face it, if anyone could raise a kid correctly…it’s me

I’m sure this will go over well.

One thought on “So. I’m Blogging. You Asked For It

  1. I am so excited to see this …I would love to know what your thoughts are on raising kids correctly… IF there is such a thing as raising them “correctly”…its a miracle in itself that a parent and child survive this period and come out of it with a healthy or any kind of a relationship.


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